Combining Trading, Positions and Compliance.

Digitize your day-to-day operations.

QUO brings a new user perspective to the traditional investment world.


A cloud-based model allows you to be up and running quickly.


Combines desktop and mobile application in one seamless experience.


Pre-trade and post trade compliance on orders and positions with Luxembourg UCITS rules.


Native integration with banks and brokers.


Market Data: market prices and security details in one place.


QUO benefits from 17 years of TS's expertise.

QUO is a cloud-based platform that allows investment managers to manage positions and the entire life cycle of trades in an integrated and compliant solution.

QUO combines a powerful and flexible integration framework along with browser-based interface designed to simplify and digitize all the key tasks of a modern investment manager.

The Quo family includes the following products:

Realtime, Multi-Asset Class Execution Management System.

UCITS Compliant Position Management System.

WEALTHQUO - Coming Soon
Portfolio System for Wealth Managers.

The future is in QUO. Are you ready?

QUO provides innovative solutions for asset managers, family offices, private banks and traders. Our multi-market, multi-asset class platform combines intutive user experience with the functional breadth of the best institutional trading platforms